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January 12, 2019
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January 12, 2019
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Tis’ the Season! Stay healthy and increase “Holiday Fun”

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Get-togethers filled with holiday traditions bring families closer and build strong relationships.  Eating is one of the favorite holiday past-times – however, it can (and often does) add to our “New Year’s” weight challenge. Increase your “Holiday Fun”  by including a few healthy traditions in this year’s holiday schedule.  

  • Schedule the local recreation center or church.  Take a bouncy ball to play “Christmas Dodge Ball”, a basketball and play “Silver Bells” (teams spell the word with each basket),  or a whiffle ball and bat to play “Santa’s Visit” baseball (the bases represent family members’ homes – grandma, Aunt Ethel, and home base represent Santa making it you your home)!
  • Take the family to the local retirement center or assisted living center. Bring a drum and a few bells and encourage the audience to play jingle or drum along to the beat, as the family shares their Christmas Spirit through a few favorite carols.  Get the kids to dance with the music, or share a few arm actions and have the audience follow along.  
  • Take the family to the local tree farm, cut down and haul your own tree back to the family home. Then turn on the holiday music and enjoy the evening decorating the tree as a family. 
  • Bundle up and enjoy a brisk walk around the neighborhood, singing the old Christmas favorites.  Use a wagon or pull a sleigh for the little ones, include a warm blanket to keep them warm.

Make this year the most wonderful time of the year – stay active and stay healthy!

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