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Tips to Building Credibility

Credibility is built through the relationships you cultivate with others  These tips can assist you in building credibility through relationships of trust.    

I remember a story I heard many years ago, but never forgot, it goes like this:  There was little girl who took lunch to her father working in a deep pit.   She called down to let her father know she was there, and her father called back, “Drop the sack, I will catch it”. Upon inspection of the bag he responded, “There’s plenty of lunch for two.  Jump, and I will catch you”.  The little girl hesitated, but only a minute; it was dark and she could not see the bottom of the pit.  “Daddy I’m scared, be sure to catch me” she said as she took the leap.            


Think about it, trust means you have a belief in something so strong that you are willing to put yourself at risk, because of that belief.  

Have you built a level of trust in your co-workers that you would be willing to go out on a limb for them? For that matter, as a result of your actions, would they “trust you”?  

We never get to the top, alone.  Building relationships of trust with those around you is the number one “Key to Success”.  Live true to your standards, be worthy of trust and your success will follow. 


Take responsibility for any event or experience with which you have association.  Are you the leader and the numbers are low – take responsibility. Are you a member of a team who did not meet deadlines, take responsibility.  As a team member possessing knowledge that can help, take responsibility.  When things go sour – as they sometimes do – accept responsibility. Take action to improve any situation, immediately.  The long term gains of action, are worth any short term discomfort.  Avoid like the plague, making excuses or placing blame.  Hold yourself accountable to a higher standard than anyone expects, and you will never feel the need to make an excuse.  


Analyze your job performance.  Are you busy? If so, doing what?  Two important keys to improving job performance: 

1. Be a team player by discovering ways you can help and support co-workers.

2. Use your time wisely; Plan, Prioritize, and follow through.  

There is a difference between being busy and being productive.  Productivity is the effectiveness or the rate in which we complete a task.  Use your time wisely by focusing on productivity (getting a job done) not busy work (actions that add little value).


Make learning something new a part of your daily activities.  Show genuine interest in those around you and ask for help in learning a new skill.  Then, share appreciation for their knowledge.  Give credit to others for the knowledge you gain from them. 


Emulate confidence in the way you carry yourself. Square your shoulders and keep your head up.  Look people in the eye. When you look away, keep your eyes level, and return quickly.  Extend your hand with a firm shake


Listen attentively to what others are saying.  Listening, is often more important than what you have to say.   A leader has the power of influence, so watch what you say. Choose words that develop leaders around you. 

To critical aspects of listening; avoid trying to formulate a response while they are speaking (intensively listen) and avoid multi-tasking such as looking around or checking your email or text messages while they are talking.  


Though it may not have been your intention, your actions or what you say may affect the way others interpret a given situation.  When misunderstanding occurs, be a leader and ask yourself “What action prompted the miscommunication and how can “I change” to improve in the future? Making excuses or placing blame will not correct the situation.  Accept “Their Perception” and create a plan to improve your actions and avoid confusion, moving forward. 

Begin building credibility by building trust with those around you.  Take responsibility for your action. Stay productive by focusing on getting tasks done. Build relationships through learning from others. Choose words that develop leaders around you. When misunderstandings occur, create a plan to improve your communication.  

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