Summer Adventures | Inexpensive things to do with the family

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January 12, 2019
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Summer Adventures | Inexpensive things to do with the family

Family Hiking Along Path By River In UK Lake District

Day Hike

Search on line and discover an easy walking trail.  Look for ones along a river or that might be shaded if the day is Hot.  Plan a picnic lunch (and include trail snacks).  Take plenty of water and sunscreen. 

Create a small checklist or bingo game of things you may see along the way.  The winner checks the list off first or has the most checked off.   

Day Camp 

If hiking is not your style – you would rather drive up to the camp site OR if overnight camping is of no interest to you – plan a day camp.  Many areas do not require you to pay a fee to use the park or campground for the day.  Take things to cook a meal if desired or a cold meal would be fine as well.  

Bike Ride


In the hot summer sun, a walk along a shaded river bed can be just the cooling spot.  Bring a blanket,  and book to read.  IF the water and weather cooperate wear swim shorts, water shoes and bring a towel for a cooling dip in the river. 


Digital Scavenger Hunt

Go on a walk and take photos of assigned topics or list.  You can make this into a contest by preparing a winner’s prize.  Create a list of items to discover and photograph on your smart phone, such as:

– Find an animal

– Find each letter in your name

– create a list of items – button, green rock, dandelion


Yard Water Park

Spread a large sheet of plastic on the yard and start the hose.  Add four small pools and now you have  yard water ball.  


Summer Science

Search the internet for easy kids science experiments and choose one to create summer fun.  


Fly n’ Eagle  

(This game is my cute hubby’s creation!)

Having a hard time keeping the kids occupied in the car?  Play Fly n’ Eagle.   Rules of the game – every time you see a national flag you say “Fly” and count that as 1 point.  Each flag can only be counted as one point by one person – unless you go around the block – and come back by the flag again.   When you see something military – Military base, military emblem, vehicle, or a service man or woman  in uniform – you say “Eagle”.  The Eagle is awarded all of the cumulated points of everyone’s “Fly’s” – meaning the total number of combined flags counted during that game  – Jenny had 4, Jeremy had 3, and you had 2 – total “Fly” points would be 9 to the person who called “Eagle” first.    And the game begins again.   


Summer fun does not need to be expensive to be exciting.  A little planning and guess what, you are spending a lot of family time building relationships. 


The Take – Away

Hiking, Summer walks, water games, science experiments and games.  With a little planning summer can be a great relationship building time as you can create fun family memories.   

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