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January 8, 2019
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January 8, 2019
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Stay On Task, Get It Done!

5 Simple Tips to Improve Productivity:

With a task list as long as a train, I admit, I often feel behind. Running a school full of students and staff, managing a national makeup team that includes curriculum development, training and inspection, leading and inspiring a health and wellness group and the demands of personal success coaching, at any given moment I manage a multitude of teams or projects.  As the sun rises and falls, deadlines come without delay.  Staying on task is a must for getting it done.    

Put it to the test: these five simple tips improve productivity, boost creativity, improve focus, increase energy and avoid procrastination.  What are you waiting for? You WILL experience increased happiness and less stress, as you enjoy a greater productivity!  

Stay On Task and Get It Done!

It’s not the length of your list, it’s the way you manage your list: 

1. Boost  Your Energy, Turn Up the RPM’s 

Begin the morning by “revving” your engine. Expel energy by taking 10 to 15 minutes each morning to get your engine running.  Any physical activity that gets the heart rate up will get the blood flowing and release endorphins as it raises your energy level. Pump up the music and move, then enjoy the added boost of energy all day long. 

2. Identify your top 3 tasks, do these first!

Take the time to plan your daily tasks.  Review your task list and identify the top three that must be completed, today.  Meaning, which activities will yield the greatest result and move you towards your goals?   Often these often the mundane activities, yet critical to your success.     

Manage your tasks list by prioritizing, schedule specific time frame(s) to complete tasks, begin with your top three “must do today” first, then slip additional “To Do’s” into your daily schedule.  Now, stop wasting energy by putting off the tasks: Do your top three first!  

3. Minimize interruptions 

Distractions are everywhere, from the co-worker with a great story, to the internet and social media.  It can take between 10-15 minutes to get back on track after an interruption.  Solution, minimize interruptions:

  • Turn off email notifications – check it, twice a day.
  • Close your door – hang a sign “Deadlines Pending!  Please come back between ___ and ___,  Thank you for understanding”
  • Avoid office chatter – limit conversations to official breaks.  

4. Avoid multi-tasking

In the book, The Greatest Gifts I Give My Children, Steven Vannoy, suggests, the human brain can only focus on one thing successfully at a time.  When we inundate our brain with more information than it can successfully manage, productivity suffers.  Multi-tasking puts a hamper in concentration; this includes managing tasks while carrying on a text message conversation. Ever wonder “why” you can’t avoid opening the text message when you hear the beep or buzz?   The message triggers the brain to produce dopamine, the brains feel good chemical.  Opening the message further triggers the chemical production.  The solution: avoid overload – turn off the distraction (in other words silence the beep or buzz).  Plan your daily schedule, create a task list with completion times, and then focus on ONLY one task as a time, based on importance. Follow each task through to completion, then move to the next.    

5. Take a Break!

Our minds will be more productive if we take a break every 90 minutes for a short 5-10 minutes.  Schedule your task management to complete around or near this break time. Then take a quick 5 to 10 minute break.  Organize a stopping point, then get up, walk around, stretch your arms, legs and back.  Get a large drink of water or go for a brisk 5 minute walk.  Then buckle down, return to your task list and begin working on the next task.      

The Take-Away

Productivity will increase as you increase energy with movement each day, manage tasks, limit distractions and take intermittent breaks to release stress. 

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  1. marissa says:

    You actually make it seem so easy with your article, it was something that I never understood before. I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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