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January 8, 2019
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January 8, 2019
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Simply… Get it Done!

3 Easy Steps to Successful Time and Task Management

The day started early, before 6:00am.  It was a typical day: 

7 am – Coaching Call – the first call of the day, a school on the east coast. 

8 am – Daily Planning meeting with my Education Leader to review the education schedule

8:30 am – Team Communication Meeting to prepare for the day

8:45 am – Greet the Students as they arrive

9:00am – Meet with the Admissions and Financial Aid team

9:30 am – Quick call to cute hubby  to see how his day is going

10:00am – Record a LIVE network admissions training webinar

11:00am – Meet with the bookkeeper to review the weekly reports

11:45 am – Lunch with sister to celebrate her birthday

And that is just the first half of the day!


I am often asked “How do you mange so many jobs and responsibilities, I can’t even find the time to manage one”  

My answer is simple… consistent time and task management! 

 At any given time, I manage two-three jobs consecutively.  Many appointments, calls, tasks or deadlines are associated with the various roles within these position.   These three easy steps to successful time and task management assist me in completing tasks and achieving deadlines.    

Simply… Get it Done!  

Step 1) Prepare for Time and Task Management 

Step[ 2) Daily Schedule and Manage your task list

Step 3) Preform a Daily Review

Step 1) Prepare for Time and Task Management 

Use a “Task List” either digital or notebook 

Organize all of your tasks into categories, record a due date, and then set a personal deadline for each task. 

Digital Task List – create folders based on categories

Notebook – use small notebook and sticky tabs, one for each category. 

Review this list daily, organizing tasks into your daily schedule based on the deadline and priority. 

Difference between a DUE DATE and a DEADLINE. 

  • DUE DATE – Drop Dead Date – the date a task MUST be done or turned in.
  • DEADLINE – Personally assigned date, scheduled this deadline BEFORE  the actual due date, give yourself plenty of time to complete the task before its actually due.    

Step 2) Daily Schedule and Manage your Task List

Preform a daily planning session to create your time management schedule and create a “task list” for the day.  

During Daily planning Session: 

Create a daily schedule with assigned times, based on scheduled appointments

Identify “Need to Do” tasks based on deadline and priority 

Determine your top three – MUST DO – tasks on this list and highlight – Complete these three FIRST!

Schedule the additional “Need to do” tasks into a time slot

Identify any additional “Nice to do tasks” – Based on priority and available time, and add these to your daily task list. 

Manage your schedule and tasks – keep this schedule and task list in front of you at all times. Check off the times as they are completed.  

Add any additional tasks that come up during the day into your digital or notebook tasks list, include due date, if applicable.  

Step 3) Preform a Daily Review 

Celebrate the successes of the day

Cross off ALL completed tasks within on your digital task list or notebook

Add new tasks as needed, discovered during the day to the task list by category – record the due date and set a personal deadline for the task. 

Identify  “Time Wasters” – things or disruptions that took you off task

Discover ways to overcome time wasters

Create a list of appointments and task to be completed, tomorrow. 

Begin again it all over again with Step 1… 

What are you waiting for? It’s simple, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it 

Achieve your goals with consistent time and task management.  

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