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January 8, 2019
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LIVE in the Moment

Are you creating the leadership characteristic of being “Present and Aware”?

Do you live a life distracted?  Are you so engulfed with the task at hand – that you miss building relationships?  Have you ever missed the punchline of a joke because you were distracted or on your phone?  — Everyone else in the group is laughing – and you are basically saying…. Wait what? Say it again…”  Discover how to avoid these awkward moments as we learn how to “LIVE in the moment”  

A couple of years ago my husband Don and I went out to dinner – now you need to understand that for the first 13 years of our marriage – we lived apart as I traveled for work and I ran a business in a different state – while he held down the fort in Las Vegas –  so our time together is never taken for granite.   

One evening, while at dinner we noticed the table across from us – there was a really cute family.  Mom, Dad,  two teen age daughters and a son that looked to be about ten.   We noticed that each member of the family had their nose in their phone.  Literally – living – their own virtual reality – on their phone 

– NOW… do not laugh… you know what I mean… because we have all done it… –  barely talking to the person we are sitting next to, because we are STARING at our phone, finger flipping at the screen one post after another .

Now, back to the family – you would have thought this family were five strangers sitting at the same table. What was happening virtually – is more important then what’s happening right in reality.  

Ask yourself: 

Has this ever happened to you at a team meeting? 

Seriously, I’m not sure what was so important,  maybe it was a text message from a former boyfriend or possibly their social media page just went viral. This family was sitting together but they were NOT together!  

Now – Every once in a while one of the family members would say… “check this out”,  and then show another family member their screen.  It took a few seconds and someone would say  “huh… What?”    I probably couldn’t count on two hands how many times they started a video or had to flip back to a missed post —simply because the family member wasn’t – LIVING in the moment.    

During that dinner Don and I made up a game called — You pay!   When we went to dinner – the first person who pulled out their phone – had to pay for dinner… now not a real punishment, since we shared the same bank account… but the moral of that story… Is to BE present and aware… in other words – LIVE in the Moment!

You see… we LIVE in the day of distractions, to many beautiful moments in life are drowned in oceans of things to do or things that must be done.  Life presents itself to us in the present… but we allow this present to slip away – as we squander precious moments of our lives RUMINATING our past or worrying about the future. We allow time to pass us by – unobserved or un-enjoyed.

When we’re at work, we think about our family or friends, or what we need to get done at home tonight; when we are home and should be enjoying ourselves, we often worry about work piling up or a deadline quickly approaching. 

Being present and aware – is a state of FOCUSING – thought on the current situation – think about that. 

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Learning to “LIVE in the Moment” is best accomplished — when you settle your mind and FOCUS thought completely on the task at hand. In the present, the here, the NOW…. there is only one thing for you to do right now – and when you are finished with this action, you can move on to the next.  You will be a better leader when your team feels their value as you focus your attention on the here and now.   

Here is your challenge for today, “BE present and aware”. How do you do this… with an activity called:

– LIVE in the Moment.  Identify two of the craziest times in your day, and then schedule an appointment at these two specific times into your calendar on your phone, titled: “LIVE in the Moment”.  Add a favorite emoji’s to spice it up.  Be sure to schedule an alert to go off at the desired time. 

Now, when the alert goes off –

Pay attention: to every aspect of what you’re doing right at that moment — 

Honestly ASK yourself: 

1. Where are my thoughts focused, right now? 

2. Am I distracted? 

(Thinking of the past, future or engaging in something else – for example electronic or online?) 

3. What present shift can I make to LIVE in the Moment? 

The goal is MINDFUL  AWARENESS – Be present with your thoughts – more importantly  become keenly aware of your answer to the previous questions- and the shifts you can make to be more present.  

Mindful Awareness – Is not to force thoughts from your mind, instead becoming aware of thoughts and learning to mindfully focus on current feelings and actions.  You are LIVING the Moment – Meaning – fully engaged in current activity, actively listening and building great relationships.   

Remember that family… at dinner… – were they mindfully present and aware…?  NO… they were together but not together!   Commit to being present, aware of your thoughts, aware of your feelings, LIVE your current actions.  

1. Set an alert, two times a day, to remind you to LIVE in the moment. 

2. When the alert goes off – question yourself.  Are you living – present  and aware. 

3. Create Mindful Awareness – be present with your thoughts. 

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