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January 8, 2019
Decide Today, Live a Life With No Regrets! | Part Two
January 8, 2019
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Decide Today, Live a Life With No Regrets! | Part One

Life is made up of time.  Days are measured by hours, we are paid by the number of hours we work.   We recon our age my the number of years, and years seem to pass quicker the older we get.   Soon we look back and wonder where the time has gone.  But time does not fly by,  it’s the same day in and day out.  

Many people live as if there are an endless number of days, weeks, months or years.  But soon enough they are looking at time and wondering where it all went.  

 What are you doing with your time?  Successful people learn there’s no way to stop it,  time just keeps ticking away.   The great ones have mastered the number one success tool; Living a Life of Urgency!  

I heard a motivational message from Zig Ziglar MANY years ago.  He asked the question, “How many of you are overwhelmed with a long and tedious list of “TO DO’s?”.  We all raised our hands.  

“What If  I told you, I have an opportunity for you.  An all-expense paid, two week vacation to the resort of your choice – now I mean five star resort, with lavish food, fun and the beach –  any desired activity fully paid – scuba diving, relaxing spa treatments, shopping – you name it.  Anywhere in the world –  where do you want to go?…..   Ok, there is a catch,…  you need to complete that long, tedious, “To Do List” and be ready for pickup by limo, tomorrow at 5pm.  Could you be ready?”  

My answer, “Absolutely YES!”  I would make it happen… I work hard to get everything on my task list completed, and take care of the kids, meals prepared, the laundry done and myself packed… I would be on the door step waiting for the limo by 4:45pm tomorrow!  

That is “Living a Life of Urgency”!  If each of us put that much effort into our task list, every day, success would be ours. AND within a few weeks, our task list would be whittled down, to a very manageable daily “To Do list”  The challenge is most of us, put off until tomorrow, what we could get done today.      

Athletes preparing for the Olympics constantly remind themselves of championship – their dream, the Gold Medal – they have this one shot for greatness – they work hard “daily” to achieve this greatness.  Professional performers know their stage time is limited, they will be replace with the up and coming, soon enough.  They too put hours of practice into their performance on a “daily basis” living life with a sense of urgency and achieve greatness.  

To Do List:

Begin each day by creating a “To Do” list.  Brainstorm everything you need to get done.  Then identify the top three that must be done today, by priority.  Focus on this task list by referring to it often throughout the day.  Stay on task until you get your top three completed, then begin completing other items on the list.  Check off each item as completed and celebrate every accomplishment.   

Time is the gift – the present.  Are you living it with a sense of urgency?  Though you may not be the Olympic athlete or the professional performer. You are meant for greatness.  Life is truly short,  if we are going to make something happen, now is the time! Begin living your Life’s Mission today by creating and completing a “To Do” List.   

For more information on creating a “Life Mission Statement” click here Part two

Many of us live life on the edge feeling the stress of undone tasks.  Procrastination is a daily occurrence because we have not learned to use a “To Do” list.   We all have the same number of hours.  A novice feels the urgency of the deadline at the end of the day – the great ones, feel the urgency every day, and successfully manage their “To Do” list daily.  

You are meant to be one of the great ones, Live a life of urgency – every day – you will achieve more and become more.    

Create a list of what you MUST get done today,(remember the story – you are leaving on a two week vacation tomorrow – you must get your task list done today).  Create the list by brainstorming everything you need to get done.  Identify your top three “To Do” priorities.  Focus on this task list throughout the day. Stay on task, complete your top three, then complete additional items on the list.  Check off items, as completed.  Celebrate each accomplishment.   

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