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January 8, 2019
Stay On Task, Get It Done!
January 8, 2019
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Accomplish the Impossible Today!

4 Steps to Accomplishing Greatness!

It was 1954 and up to that time, everyone including running experts and doctors stated it was physically impossible for a human to run a mile in under four minutes. But then is was,… 

Roger Bannister was just an ordinary middle class boy. Who would believe he would ever achieve greatness? Roger wanted to study medicine at the university but knew his parents would never be able to afford it.  So he decided to win a scholarship with his favorite past-time, running.  After winning a scholarship to Oxford, he set his sights on the Olympics.  He failed to win a metal coming in fourth place in the 1500 during the 1952 Olympics.  

His Olympic loss, did not deter him, after a few months he picked himself up and turned his sights to breaking the 4 minute mile – a goal of runners for decades, but never achieved.   Doctors said it was physically impossible, the human body would cave under the pressure.  It just could not be done.  

Then  the impossible was accomplished.  May 4, 1954 turned out to be a windy day, the rain began later in the afternoon.  Neither wind or rain would not stop Bannister, no one believed his goal was possible, but he did.  

Roger paced himself.  Taking second place for the last half of the race, then sprinted the last 200 yards, the announce sharing the new world record of 3:59.4.  The four minute mile was broken! 

Roger Bannister was the first to accomplish the feat – running a mile in under four minutes.  Interesting enough, after that victory, within eighteen months, twenty-four others followed in his footsteps.  

His is an amazing story of determination.  When threatened by defeat at the Olympics… Roger did not give up. When told over and over that it simply could not be done… he made the impossible, possible, and inspired others to achieve. Roger started with nothing, yet through determination and hard work, accomplished greatness!  

4 Steps to Greatness!

Greatness is within your grasp, success will not be easy, but WILL be worth it!   

1) Identify your dream: Be specific and write it down, include checkpoints and deadlines. . 

2) Create Habits of Success: You will need to sacrifice to accomplish your dream. What are the habits you will need to develop or overcome to achieve your goal? Write down what you WILL DO to achieve and what you WILL OVERCOME in order to succeed. 

3) Stay Motivated: How will you motivate yourself, when doubts or habits get in your way? Be Specific –Motivation comes from within – use ACTION and AFFIRMATIONS to stay on course.   

  • ACTION: Identify an action now, that you WILL take, when you feel doubt.
  • AFFIRMATION:  Write and repeat an affirmation in the present tense, example: “I …. everyday” or  “I earn….monthly”.  
  • REPEAT: Repeat the action and affirmation – ANYTIME – doubt comes into your mind.  

4) Do it, Now…!!!  YOU alone control your action, stay on course and succeed.    

When the impossible, becomes possible, Dream and accomplish something impossible, today!

Struck by lightning, Devri Ficklin should be dead – but she’s not! Having recovered from a disheartening divorce, death, and financial ruin life seemed to be on track, then within seconds a bolt of lightning, changed everything. We all experience them, Lighting Moments, the pivotal events in our lives that change us, forever. Inside this impassioned journey of healing, readers learn through Ficklin’s Lightning Moment, step-by-step systems that can help them overcome personal challenges and transform their life. “The biggest battle you will ever fight is within your own mind.” Ficklin shares, “Learn to focus your thought – it’s simple, not easy – however the effort is worth it!” Lightning Moments will help you discover the steps to “Navigate the storm to discover greatness!


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