Surviving a lightning strike is only one the many storms author, speaker, self-empowerment, business consultant and Paul Mitchell School owner Devri Ficklin has successfully navigated in her life. After overcoming a devastating divorce, family suicide and financial challenges, lightning struck and within seconds Devri’s life changed, forever. Facing the difficult challenge of learning to walk, talk and even think again, Devri navigated the storm to discovered true greatness. To learn more about Personal Greatness, CLICK here.

We all experience them, Lighting Moments, the pivotal events in life that change everything. They come with the death of a loved one, relationships issues, job loss, tragic accident, graduation, retirement, or even the birth of a new baby. These moments offer a unique opportunity to look inward and ask, “What am I to learn from this?” When devastation crashes in, you have a choice: improve or stay the same. To discover The Book: Lightning Moments, CLICK here.

Straight-from-the-heart, Devri shares her empowering story of triumph over tragedy as she helps you discover your greatness by following three simple steps: Focus your thoughts, discover your potential, and take action daily. Her systems will quickly become a road map that delivers transformational results. Become and do more than you ever thought possible. Research more about the Power of Thought, CLICK here

For over sixteen years, Devri has worked for Paul Mitchell Schools inspiring teams across the nation as the Director of Admissions, Director of Product Development, Business Coach and Paul Mitchell Advanced Academy Makeup Leader. Devri currently leads Paul Mitchell the School Logan as Owner/Director.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and fifteen grandchildren, traveling with her husband Don as they explore the world and share their message of motivation; Success in not a destination, it’s a focused mindset!. Her greatest joy comes from seeing others grow, as they Learn to navigate the storm and discover greatness! Are you ready to – LIVE your true potential?.