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January 8, 2019
3 Simple Steps to help you Focus Your Thoughts and Achieve Success
January 8, 2019
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5 Habits to Be Healthy, YOU deserve it!

With frigid temperatures and warm, bulky clothes that hide the winter weight, summer may seem like the distant future.  The calendar will MARCH along (yes, pun intended) and with the new season comes a SPRING in your step as you shed your winter attire.  

MAY I offer a few suggestions to avoid the winter weight gain or to drop those stubborn pounds, now! Ditch unhealthy habits and look FABULOUS all year long  as you effectively FALL into a #naturalhealthrevolution with these five healthy habits: 

1. Hydrate for Health

At 70% water our bodies need hydration to maintain healthy body functions.  Yet, most of us live a life of dehydration because we choose diet drinks, coffee or alcohol over “Life giving water”.  Try this experiment; Take three days – give up every other type of refreshment and drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water – that’s half a gallon or 8 – 8oz glasses.  Take note how your body feels.  You will notice less hunger, more energy, and feel lighter and happier as your body receives the much needed hydration.  

 2.  Breathing and Meditation

Take the time to visualize as you breathe deeply, a minimum of three times a day. Your body is designed to release toxins when we breathe.  We inhale oxygen (life giving energy) and exhale carbon dioxide (a waste product).  Slow deep breathing can help us to effectively rid our bodies of toxins as we increase our ability to focus, relieve tension, relax and build clarity.  Try this and repeat for 2 minutes: Sit quietly in a chair, close your eyes, breathe in slowly for five second and hold, then release the breath slowly for five seconds as you visualize success and happiness.  Repeat this three to four times a day. 

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3. Burst Training

Burst Training is an excellent way to “Reave up your metabolism engine; burning those additional calories while your tone and tighten your muscles in a minimum amount of time”, says CrossKick Trainer, Annie Law, a fitness trainer at Lindon CrossKick, in Lindon Utah. 

CLICK HERE: for more fitness tips

Take 15 – 20 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week.  Focus on 1-2 minute sessions of lunges, arm lifts, leg lifts, or squats.  With Short-Intensity movements, you will feel your muscles tone and your body heat rise.  You do not need to sweat it out to effectively tone and tighten muscles while you burn fat.  

4.  Enjoy a Blast of Nutrition 

Packed with over 90 life generating vitamins and minerals.  Moringa Olefera is the healthies plant on earth.  Often used to combat malnutrition – hey don’t take my word for it, search the internet for yourself – Our diets sorely lack basic nutrition. We are STARVING our bodies!  One glass of a “properly harvested” Moringa Olefera drink a day, can help you combat vitamin deficiency and build a healthier body. Try it,  Blast of energy couldn’t hurt! 

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5. End the day with Sleep 

Build stamina and health, our body needs sleep almost as much as we need food and water.  Two important benefits of sleep: Sleep combats exhaustion and fatigue that can cause health issues and sleep keeps your fat-burning hormones in check to reduce cravings and hunger. To lose weight or maintain a healthy body, you must get your Zzzzzz’s.  Try to go without sleep for 24 hours and you will find that your body finally gives in, pain increases, back ache intensifies, headache manifests.  During sleep your body builds and repairs, so sleep is like a main staple of a healthy body.  Prepare for a restful night, by beginning to power down an hour before bedtime.  Create a night time routine; take a hot bath, read a good novel, or breathe while preforming relaxing or stretching yoga , most important; go to be early!   

Begin your #natrualhealthrevolution by implementing these five easy steps:

1. Hydrate for health – Focus on drinking 64 ozs of water a day

2. Breathe and Mediate – Take several slow deep breathes as you focus your thoughts

3. Burst Training – Exercise with short intense reputations, for 15 to 20 minutes.

4. Feed your body – Combat vitamin deficiency by drinking Moringa Olefera.

5. Build health and stamina with sleep – prepare for a rest with a night time routine.

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